Claudia – The Diagnosis

Adenocarcinoma of Unknown Primary. AUP. WTF? August 2015, Claudia was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of unknown primary. She had complained of having a sore back for a couple of months. After seeing a few GPs, and doing a few x-rays, the diagnoses were varied. “There’s nothing wrong with you, you just have a sore back.” “I really can’t find anything wrong with you, I’m think the issue is psychosomatic and I’m going to suggest you see a psychiatrist.” “I can see a slight fracture, but it’ll be OK, you just need to rest.” Claudia ended up taking to seeing a chiropractor to help with her back as she wasn’t getting any solutions elsewhere. One day, after dropping her 7 year old son at school, she struggled to walk back to the car. She managed to drive to the local hospital, and waited for 3 hours to see a doctor. The doctor suggested she did an MRI, thinking she had a slipped disk, but that she couldn’t do it there, as they didn’t have the adequate equipment. She could however do a CT scan, but would be exposed to a larger amount of radiation. Claudia felt she had exhausted her options, and couldn’t physically drive to the suggested place to get the MRI. So she opted for the CT. The results came back, and Claudia was told that the reason she had pain in her back, was because she had lesions in her spine likely caused by metastasized cancer. Cancer? Cancer! What cancer? How cancer? Where cancer? When cancer? Shock, disbelief, tears, silence, realisation. My son? My parents? My life? A blur. A whirlwind of questions, thoughts, emotions congregated in a very small yet intensely intimate part of the world. Here. Inside, where no one can touch. I’ll be OK, I know I will. I will, won’t I?

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